The Get Healthy Blog

At Pair O’Docs, our goal is for you to “Be Healthy…Look Better…Perform Well…”

A healthy life depends on doing good and avoiding harm. Navigating the glut of health information can be a challenge. As Lifestyle Consultants, we can help you discover those tools that will allow you to achieve quality of life.

One tool might be “The Integrative Nutrition Plan” developed by Joshua Rosenthal.

His 12 steps (from Rosenthal ‘s “Interative Nutrition”) are

1. Drink More Water

2. Practice Cooking

3. Experiment with whole grains

4. Increase sweet vegetables

5. Increase leafy green vegetables

6. Experiment with protein

7. Eat less meat, dairy, sugar and artificial junk foods; consume less coffee, alcohol and tobacco

8. Develop easy and reliable habits to nurture your body

9. Have healthy relationships that support you

10. Find physical activity you enjoy and do it regularly

11. Find work you love or a way to love the work you have

12. Develop a spiritual practice


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